Homework 17/5/19


If I saw a dinosaur…

Our topic for the past week has been about dinosaurs. We have been reading dinosaur stories, learning about dinosaur facts and been busy making different dinosaur crafts. We even had a sneaky visitor in the classroom….A dinosaur came in when everyone had gone home! We caught it on camera. The children shared lovely ideas about what they would do if they saw the dinosaur.


Dinosaurs in the classroom….! 

 A mysterious visitor came to our classroom last week and left some eggs that we have been taking care of. At first we weren’t sure what it was but it turned out to be…DINOSAURS!  The children have been so kind taking care of the dinosaur babies. They have been reading them stories, feeding them fruit and singing the. Songs. We have been painting lots of pictures and writing letters to Mrs. Dinosaur who comes to visit her babies at night! 




Whole School Environment Homework.


Note: This is not our regular weekly homework. This homework is a one-off whole school homework.


Our whole school focus this half term is supporting the environment. To promote this project this we are setting a whole school homework project linked to this theme.

We would like the children to design and make a diorama(a three dimensional model) using recycled materials on the theme of supporting our environment.

Please send your completed dioramas in to school as soon as they are ready. We will be displaying all of the dioramas in and around the school hall on Friday 12 July 2019.  We will be offering prizes for the  most innovative and interesting entries.