Bumblebees have been very busy this half term! 

Bumblebee class have been very busy learning lots of new things this half term! Some of our topics that we have learned about include: Superheroes, Toys and games as well as looking at Summer and how plants grow. Here are some photos to show what we have been up to. Enjoy! 


The Cheeky Sandman 

Reception have been busy thinking of ways to catch the Sandman.

In Butterfly class, after receiving a letter from him, we thought of different ways that we could catch him. Then we decided to make ‘Wanted’ posters.

Will we ever get our train set back! 🤔


Uh oh! What happened here?

We came into school and found a mystery that needed to be solved…Someone had come in and left and classrooms a mess and captured Mr Phonics Monkey. Whoever it was left some clues. Reception were on the case to find out who did this? They wrote Wanted Posters and thought of ways to find the culprit! Will we ever save Mr Phonics Monkey?




Outdoor fun! 

Here are photos of Reception having fun with cardboard boxes, they were busy using their imagination to turn the boxes into something else. We made a cage for the Tigers, a play house, a bed, a tent and lots of other things.