Happy Friday in Bumblebee Class!

We had an excellent day today in Bumblebee Class!

We began our learning in Maths discussing the properties of 3D shapes. Students had a go at drawing a cylinder on their whiteboards.

Students listened to a story about Emilia Earhart and shared what makes them special and unique. We followed this by creating images of ourselves by cutting out shapes and pasting them to paper.

We capped off our day with some free play and spoke about the things we’ve enjoyed about our first half term!

(What I’ve enjoyed most is getting to know The Bumblebees!)

Well done Bumblebees and enjoy your break!


Hooray for Thursday!

Today in Bumblebee Class, students created books sharing what makes them unique through the things they like.

Students also practiced their phonics and writing skills by sounding out and writing consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words from the letters we have learnt about thus far.

Great work today Bumblebees!

Let’s have a fantastic Friday tomorrow! 🙂


Today in Bumblebee Class.

Today in class, our Bumblebees were introduced to a story named after an interesting character called Mr. Magnolia.

Mr. Magnolia has many things, but he only has one boot. The Bumblebees were asked to design a new boot for Mr. Magnolia.

We also created monsters from 2D shapes that we have been learning about.

The Bumblebees were also introduced to the sound for the letter ‘k’. Please ask your child what words they remember that contain the ‘k’ sound.

Great work today Bumblebees!


Monday buzz.

It was such a nice sight to have a fuller hive today!

Our Bumblebees came in with great energy and got down to work straight away. Today the Bumblebees were introduced to a new letter sound for the letter ‘o’. We are beginning to learn about 3D shapes. We also discussed our school rules and spoke about our weekend using the past tense.

Here are some pictures of the fun we’ve had today.


Back to our beehive!

Today Bumblebee class returned to our hive after some time spent learning from home.

While outside today we were generating ideas about what has happened to our tree!

Some students guessed that maybe someone could have bumped into it, chopped it down, or even that it fell down due to the wind.

We spoke about what shapes we could see from the tree stump. (Triangles and heart).

We also observed the tiny snails on the ground and hunted for other insects.

Great job today Bumblebees!