Homework 20/4/18

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Spring has sprung

We finally had some lovely spring weather this week. Ladybird’s went on a spring walk around the school. We collected lots of things to make a special spring bracelet. We enjoyed looking for signs of spring. We also took seeds home before half term. Check out the photos to see how they’ve grown!


Bumblebee Spring Walk

Today, Bumblebee’s enjoyed a Spring Walk on the field where we did lots of exploring and observing the changes that we have seen during spring. We collected lots of things and made our very own ‘spring bracelets!’.



Yummy treats…

Today Ladybirds did some cooking in class. To celebrate Easter and Spring they made Spring/Easter crispy cakes. An adult melted the chocolate and then the children added it to the rice puffs and then mixed it together. The children scooped some mixture out and put them in cupcake cases, then they decorated them ready to take home.

We hope they enjoyed eating their yummy creation!




Science week experiments!

Bumblebee’s had a lot of fun during Science week. We did many experiments:

Floating and Sinking

Observing the changes that occur when we make Jelly

Observing what happens to ice when it is put in different places

Making an explosion with coke and mentos

Bubble making

Observing which liquid was best for the gingerbread man to swim in

Changing the colour of a flower.

We made our predictions about what we thought was going to happen. A massive well done to all of those children who did their own experiments at home/school too!

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!