Christmas Performance

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Our Christmas Performances will be on Friday 8th December at 2pm and Monday 11th December at 2pm in the main hall. Please return the ticket request slips by Monday 4th December. We will give out tickets once replies have been counted and audience numbers have been checked.

Children were given a letter detailing their part in the performance and the costumes that they will need to bring in on Monday 4th December. You will need to provide the highlighted costumes unless it states otherwise.

If you have any questions please ask the class teachers or TAs.


B is for bubble!

We learnt the B sound in phonics last week. We thought of lots of words beginning with b. One of them was Bubbles! So we decided to do some bubble blowing and made bubble prints. It was very messy but we had lots of fun!  Here are some photos! 



Homework 17/11/17


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This week we were coming up with our own animal hunt stories. Your homework this week is to draw a picture/make a collage/painting of your favourite animal and then talk about what  your animal looks like  to somebody at home.  You could have a go at labelling the picture you drew or writing a description in your homework books.

Due back on Wednesday 22nd November