Mr Big

This week we have been reading the story ‘Mr Big’ and talking about his feelings alongside the importance of friendship. We learned that it doesn’t matter what we look like, we still need to always be kind and make everyone feel included.

In Maths, we have been looking at comparing length, weight and capacity. We have learned lots of new words such as: long, short, tall, longest, shortest, tallest, heavier, lighter, full, half-full and empty.

Additionally, in phonics we have learned new sounds: ‘ff’, ‘ll’, ‘ss’ and ‘j’ as well as the tricky words ‘put’, ‘pull’ and ‘full’. Can you remember any words that contain those sounds? Can you tell your adult a sentence with those tricky words in?

We have been very impressed this week with the children’s progress towards blending their sounds for reading, well done Reception! Please continue to practice the phonetical sounds and blending for reading at home.

We look forward to another wonderful week of great learning next week. Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team


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